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LearnTrak LMS - An intuitive LMS that keeps you on track

A breakthrough in the eLearning industry, LearnTrak LMS software transcends traditional corporate Learning Management System softwares to provide intuitive, effective, and collaborative learning.

LearnTrak LMS is an award-winning, feature-rich LMS software designed for the efficient creation and delivery of self-paced online learning, mobile learning, instructor-led, and blended learning programs.

Empower your employees

Supports multiple languages

Multilingual support capability is an added advantage for learners to learn in a language of their choice.

Offline Course Player

LearnTrak LMS software provides real, offline sync so internet access and low bandwidth are never a hindrance to your employees’ training - ever again.

Blended Learning

A visionary in the blended learning initiative, LearnTrak LMS software has the best of Instructor - led Training (ILT) and online training.

HTML 5 User Interface

Synced with HTML 5, this LMS software has features like offline data storage support, creation of applications and websites, content organization and an all-encompassing browser support, giving users the freedom to choose their learning device.

Digital Library

This Corporate Learning Management System software gives learners unlimited access to a Digital Library of organization-specific knowledge and a lasting experience of industry best practices.

Quick Launch Page

Quick launch page enables learners to access their last learning activity. The pick-up point from the last-left learning helps learners effectively utilize time.

Administration on the go

LearnTrak LMS is a power-packed, feature-rich platform with easy installation and deployment, and designed to free organizations of their training woes.

Thanks to the HTML 5 user interface, LearnTrak LMS can be accessed on any mobile device, for learning on the move.

Robust features like easy to use and install make LearnTrak LMS the preferred corporate Learning Management System software.

The LearnTrak LMS is modular and scalable to help your organization start small and scale rapidly as your needs evolve.

LearnTrak LMS makes blended learning possible in a combination of your choice. Mix and match online learning, mobile learning and Instructor-Led Training the way you want.

Customize the look and feel of your training module, in the languages that are specific to suit diverse needs with this the preferred corporate Learning Management System software.


The award-winning LearnTrak LMS user interface can be designed and customized to be a seamless fit for your brand. A customizable email template and login page, unique website address, eye-catching themes with nuances of language modification effectively project your brand by adhering to your style guidelines, making our LMS software the choicest one for eLearning.





Customized login page


LearnTrak LMS App

LearnTrak LMS is an award winning LMS software that is also available as a mobile application to deliver mobile-friendly content to any Android device. This corporate Learning Management System software features:

  • Online or offline, readily accessible mobile - a tap away from your phone
  • Extendable and flexible, with a component - based architecture
  • Go - to application for organizations wanting to reach a mobile workforce
  • Up - to - date, product information, sales updates, certification or compliance training and performance support materials

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