More than any other sector in the economy, manufacturing creates the most wealth. It also pays the highest wages and provides greater benefits, on average, than any other industry. The Manufacturing industry also creates the highest number of jobs that are required to support this industry. Unfortunately, it also lacks technical and skilled workers. Training programs in this industry are unsuccessful, and this leads to under qualified and unskilled workers. Billions of dollars are spent each year in workforce development programs; however these programs have limited impact.


Our eLearning (manufacturing industry) solutions help manufacturing companies align products, processes, and people by tracking critical training, developing employee skills, ensuring compliance, and disseminating knowledge across the extended enterprise. Our solutions are cost-effective and impactful and will help you build a better educated and trained workforce, promote product and process innovation, and improve global competitiveness.

With our solutions you can look forward to:

  • Customized skills certification programs
  • Customized courses that will give your employees industry-recognized skills credentials such as basic personal effectiveness skills, foundational academic skills, general workplace skills and cross-cutting manufacturing skills necessary for individuals to succeed in virtually all entry-level jobs in manufacturing
  • Blended learning which gives your employees the best of both worlds – instructor led training (ILT) and online training
  • Digital Library with unlimited access to organization-specific knowledge and firsthand experience of the best practices in the industry
  • Personalized and reusable content
  • Cost effective knowledge sharing methods
  • Tracking global employees